Neighborhood Bar Chiang Mai

Here I'll tell you all about one of my favourite bars in Chiang Mai - Neighborhood. It's more up-scale than the lovable Bus Bar, and right in the middle of the action on Nimmanheiman Soi 17, but it's also a great place to unwind and sip on some fancy German beer for a reasonable price. There's a regular band comprised of a very talented guitarist and a lovely singer, who like to belt out Michael Bublé and Dido covers after singing their whimsical rendition of Happy Birthday (of course). The atmosphere is one that I crave on a regular basis - not too hectic, not too mellow, not pretentious, but not totally scruffy either. Neighborhood has a lot going for it, and feels like a much more established bar in the area, despite only being around for 3 years.

Neighborhood Bar Breakdown:

Drinks: There are numerous specials at any given time, although many of them are before 9pm (which is why this is a good bar for pre-drinks). There are also plenty of imported beers for great prices and in all sizes, from small glasses to enormous jugs. There is also another menu just for cocktails, and of course, the usual spirits are also available.
The food at Neighborhood is authentically Thai, which is great, although there are few vegetarian options. But there are also food carts that hang around the area, as well as the wandering hawkers selling snack foods like quail's eggs and nuts.
- The prices of individual dishes start at a cheap ฿59 for a simple dish of stir-fried vegetables.
- Seafood dishes begin at ฿150 for squid and shrimp, and end up at around ฿249 for bass or red tilapia.
- The menu is endless and includes plenty of local favourites, such as a number of famous Thai soups and spicy salads.
- There are also a few Western snacks like French Fries for ฿89, and they recently added another page to the menu, filled with deep-fried chicken wings, onion rings, and other fatty farang favourites (I joke).

I'd like to give special mention to Neighborhood's Yum Kai Dao (a spicy Thai salad made up of chopped fried egg, coriander, onions, garlic, lime, tomatoes, chillies) – it is the spiciest one I've had in Chiang Mai, and by far the most delicious. Try it if you dare!
Pros: - Atmosphere is relaxed with upbeat live music.
- The level of noise is perfect inside and outside, that allows for lots of conversation.
- A simple, open layout that allows waiters to be able to see you at all times.
- The service is always attentive and friendly even though the waiters mostly don't speak English.
- Classy décor with a stylish, wooden interior.
- A refreshingly mixed crowd of young and old, with a more “upmarket” style compared to other casual bars.
- Plenty of outdoor seating for smokers.
- Great drinks specials and lots of fancy beers – this is a big attraction compared to our local drinking spots.
- The bathrooms are clean and functional. Yes!
- No mosquitoes! Ever.
- It should also be said that Neighborhood is in a fantastic area, full of places to get great food, go clubbing, or just to move on somewhere else for more drinks.
Cons: - Food is on the expensive side, and the dishes might feel a bit overwhelming for people not used to proper Thai food.
- Sometimes, it can be difficult to communicate with the waiters because of the language barrier.
- Food carts selling intestines and other grisly bits like to park right in front of the place, probably just to make me queasy. Although, that's not really Neighborhood's fault!
- Hence, there are not enough cons about Neighborhood, really. It's one of my favourite bars in Chiang Mai.

Some of the outdoor area.
Another shot of the outdoor area, with a singer in the blue corner.

Cocktails! Yummy.

Note that these menus are incomplete - I get funny looks sitting around snapping menus.

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  1. Any graffiti in the bathrooms?

  2. Haha. No graffiti in the bathrooms! Probably a sign it's a classier place =)

  3. I looove the way you breakdown the bars into pros and cons. Also, the menu inspired! Great blog!

  4. This looks like a great place to unwind. I would have a Pink Lady for sure after a day of sight seeing.

  5. Hi there. When I went here with my friends we all ordered Thai salads thinking they would be super spicy and they were all really bland and when I asked the waiter about it in Thai he was so embarrased, i was so annoyed! I'll have to go back with my Thai friends and see what they serve me! LOL!