Pai #2

In May 2013, during the last week of the school term break, my boyfriend and I hopped on our CBR 150cc, and began our adventure to the town of Pai. I had been on this Pai journey once before, in the high season, and didn't quite understand the difference going in the low season would make. Of course, the trip there was thoroughly terrifying, although extremely enjoyable as well (if that makes sense). A lot of the more treacherous roads seemed to have been repaired since I had been on the same ones a few months before, and there were many more construction workers milling about and fiddling with heaps of tar. It rained heavily, as usual, and this was the part that made the trip so dangerous. Unless you can overcome the paranoia of flying down a natural water-slide on your vehicle, I'd recommend pulling over for a coffee while the rain subsides, which it nearly always does.

Because it was so quiet in Pai, with a noticeable lack of people and parties, we spent more time exploring the town and its surroundings. We would drive aimlessly along the little roads that make rings around the place, and stop wherever we thought we had spotted something interesting. This is how we came to find a lonely chained-up elephant, the Pai canyon, some adorable puppy friends, and many, many beautiful views of the scenery. Pai is a lovely little town, but it does have an extroverted, party-crazed personality during the high season, and I'm grateful I got to meet the beauty of this place when things were calm, quiet and peaceful.

A lonely elephant off the beaten track in Pai.
Another shot of the beautiful creature.
A view of Pai right before the rain came.
Another Pai shot.

The Irie Bar, complete with chess sets, hot chocolate, and pool tables.
An adorable oversized puppy getting a scolding from his owner.

Walking up to the Pai Canyon.
Pai Canyon again, on a lovely, sunny day.
The raised path for hiking through the canyon.

An unfortunate sign somewhere outside of Pai.
An odd little trailer that sells love-themed mugs and other souvenirs.
Future-house-stalking 101.
A very clever garden on a roof. I like!
Here come the puppy shots. Brace yourselves for some cuteness!
Perfect little muffin-heads.
Happy face.
Happy face version 2.
In love.
The grumpy mommy dog.
Dozing off under a food cart.
And lastly, the "cow-dog" I had met in Pai on my last trip, guarding our bike outside our guesthouse.


  1. The photographs you show of Pai tell quite a story of wondrous scenery, mountain paths, surprisingly (for me)a large house, cute dogs/puppies: it really drew me in. But I couldn't help feeling sad when I saw the elephant.

  2. Oh, I know. I spent quite a while watching it and wondering what to do. Poor ellie!

  3. Your second trip was very different: amazing scenery and all the dogs are so wonderful

  4. Lovely pics, especially those puppies!