Tripping Down South: Bangkok #2

A snap of my boyfriend on the back of his scooter-taxi.

Our third day in Bangkok would be no less chaotic than our first two, where we had already been almost-victims to numerous scams, hollered at by sleazy men trying to sell us sex shows, and had the ceiling of our hotel room burst, cave in, and flood all our belongings. Our Tale of Bangkok Misfortune was coming to an end, but not before we could illegally take photos of skulls and organs in a creepy old hospital museum, re-visit Central World to clear out the last of the truffle oil tasters, hop next door to Siam Paragon for even more foodies, and take a ride on some of Bangkok's infamous scooter-taxis. After all this, we had developed an awfully complicated relationship with the sprawling megacity, which is a place filled with opposing energies: ugly and beautiful in turn, loud and peaceful, exhausting, relaxing, and so on. It was like meeting someone who drove you up the wall, which made them all the more intriguing (as much as you'd hate to admit). So, without further ado, here are the last bunch of photographs from our escape down south, summing up the last day of our Bangkok trip:

Two boys holding hands, who looked and dressed weirdly similar.
Leo DiCaprio, just chillin' at Siam Paragon.
Century eggs. Yuck.
All kinds of nuts and other savoury treats.
Bitchy Advertising 101.
Lunch at Siam Paragon's Food Hall.
A display of plastic crepes - not that appealing.
I have a bad habit of drooling all over ice-cream counters.
Next stop: Siriraj Hospital. Be warned that the following photos WILL gross you out!
Gross babies in glass cases, with no English explanations.
We had to read about them afterwards - here's Gastroschisis.
Thoraco-omphalopagus - better known as Conjoined Twins.
Arnold-Chiari malformation.
The birth defect Cyclopia.
No explanation for this one.
Again, no explanation. We can move on from the grim babies now, thank goodness.
First up in the organ section: stomach cancer. Lovely.
A consequence of alcoholism: cirrhosis. Ugh.
Smokers' lungs, I assume?
This is just perverse.
Skulls with bullet-holes and axe-wounds. Scary.

A friend told me this is a piece of scalp with a gunshot wound.
Next, we leave all the creepiness behind, and make our way to our first island in Tripping Down South: Koh Samui.

Do you have any creepy museums or gross displays to share? Have you ever taken photos on the sly somewhere? Share with me in the comments below!


  1. I don't have any creepy museums to share yet, I am too blown away right now by the pictures of this one. Also I want to know what are those eggs in the one foodie picture? A very interesting look at Bangkok I must say.

  2. I didn't know there was a wax museum there too? This is short, sweet but says a lot.

  3. Vanessa, century eggs are quite gross, jellyish things that have been preserved in all sorts of gunk: clay, ash, salt and so on. They're several weeks old usually, and smell very strongly of sulphur. Mmmm!

    Hi there Anon. There wasn't a wax museum - Leo was just casually hanging out at the entrance to the Siam Paragon mall, along with a lady promoting Madame Tussauds which is elsewhere in Bangkok.

    1. hi there I didn' realise it was actually Leo there!

    2. Thanks for clearing up the century egg - had never heard of it. Not for me but I like learning about the food in different places.

  4. Anon! I'm sorry! I meant a wax Leo, hence hanging out with a lady promoting Madame Tussauds! =)