A Sunday Drive to Doi Saket

One weekend near the end of 2012, my boyfriend and I grew restless (as we often do in the city) and decided to take an aimless drive to see if we could get lost in some nature. In a place like Chiang Mai, that's very easy to do, and before we knew it, we were winding through breezy roads around Doi Saket, where we found a little waterfall in the jungle, a temple near the mountain, and a sprawling scene of fields just as the sun started sinking.

Here are the photos from our day-trip through Doi Saket: 

Welcome to Doi Saket.
The road up to the temple.
Wat Phra Tat in Doi Saket.
Wat Phra Tat
A sculpture outside the temple.
Beautifully painted bunnies and flowers on the temple's outer walls.
Interesting artwork by Chaiwat Wannanon. Modern artwork is not usually displayed in Thai temples.
Thought-provoking, much?
My boyfriend climbing the stairs to another part of the temple.
Chickens crossing the road! Yes, that is my sort of humour...
Our next stop - a jungly bit of nowhere.

A baby waterfall.

The waterfall where we ate lunch and my boyfriend practised being camouflaged.
My bad-ass boyfriend on an abandoned bike.
Another baby waterfall.
The path out the jungle.

The scenic fields I mentioned earlier. Oh, and that guy.
A good spot to watch the sunset.