The Blog Dilemma (aka The Beginning)

I've decided to start a blog. That single sentence has been written and read an enormous number of times on the Internet. I can imagine the first few people who typed that phrase on their old box computers, and thought to themselves, "I'm putting myself out there. My diary is going virtual." Since then, countless blogs have sprung up on every topic imaginable, and all you can do is hope at least one other person wants to read what you have to say.

I've decided to start a blog, but I'm too late. I always feel as though I'm behind the times when it comes to blogs (and keep in mind I'm 22). I also wonder how some people manage to document their lives as it's happening - for me, so much has already happened, and most of the time I was too busy living them to record them externally; how do I go back and relay all those moments online?

I've decided to start a blog, and I'm pretty late, but I'm going to go for it anyway. And that's it. I'm going to start a blog, right now in May 2013, and I'm going to backtrack all the way to July 2012 (a lifetime ago, right?). Here goes nothing...

A keyboard lost in translation


  1. Wow, Adrian, you have come a long way since this post. Well done!

  2. Hi there Adrian. Clinton here, a fellow South African. Currently still living in SA but am thinking of moving to Thailand. I see you went over (as many do) to teach, and now work for a magazine. Is this something that is possible, or is it extremely rare fro a farang to get such work over there? I am an award-winning art director/designer with years of experience and when I saw what you did, it just made me wonder. Also, if my wife and I were to come over there and teach, would our salaries be sufficient to support ourselves and our two kids. Just keen to find out from a fellow Saffa living there

    1. Hiya Clinton! Extremely rare, no, but it might be hard to secure a job beforehand as the online world works very differently here - many outdated sites and old information, which can be frustrating. Your best bet is to have a good search and try and network - join Facebook groups like Chiang Mai Digital Nomads or other expat groups, and ask around for info.

      With your background you should find some good work in Bangkok. Chiang Mai is a little different but it still a very creative city, and it's developing fast, so there might be some opportunities to get involved in. If all else fails, you could work for my magazine! (Look them up, Chiang Mai Citylife Magazine)

      Yes, if you and your wife both taught at decent schools you would be all right supporting your family. You could also probably both aim a little higher because of your age and experience - seek out the international schools, you might get lucky! And that would be a very good way to get settled and find a better job. There are also very good international schools for your kids to attend.

      Any more questions, please feel free to ask! =)