The Scenery of Doi Suthep

There's a mountain I can see from the roof of my apartment building. Sometimes it looks grey, washed out, and rain clouds cloak it with their misty pillows. Sometimes it looks dark and moody, while the sky blares orange behind its back. During the smog season, it's barely visible (we'll get to that later). Mostly it just looks like a big old mountain with bits of city scattered in front of it.

Once in a while, I'll take the trip up the mountain on my bike, and these are the sights I'll usually see:

A great place to get hollered at by people trying to sell you things.
Fried bugs!
Cockroaches, crabs on skewers, and some other gross delicacies.
Notebooks for sale - these are very hard not to buy, but very hard to actually use.

A huge gold statue at a random stop on the way.
A view of Chiang Mai on a clear day.
Two-tier pricing at Wat Prathat.
Wat Prathat.

Beautiful golden Buddhas.

A scenic view.


  1. I will pass on the bugs but some incredible images :)

  2. Thank you! I've never tried the bugs myself but have had many people try and convince me. Yeugh.