Khun Churn Vegetarian Restaurant (& Buffet)

NOTE: Khun Churn has another new location as of December 2015 (see the map below).

WARNING: This is the longest and most exhausting post I've ever made, and it's all about FOOD! So don't look if you're hungry, as I can't be held responsible for drool clogging up your keyboard. Seriously.

Now, when you have the combination of being a bit of a cheapo and a vegetarian, you might end up a Khun Churn local, as myself and my other half have become. Believe me, it's no achievement - in fact, it's rather easy to become addicted to the goodness you'll find there, from the lovely atmosphere in a dark wood building, to the impeccable service, to the fresh, interesting, delicious food and drinks, to the shockingly low bill at the end of your meal. Yes, it never ends!

And just so you know, my partner in crime is a recovering meat addict, and regularly raves about Khun Churn's mouthwatering Khao Soy (which is one of the few we know that uses meaty-like soy protein chunks) and their addictive tempura-battered crispy vegetables. Every single day, their buffet choices change, although you can always count on the regulars to be there, such as Khao Soy, Som Tam (papaya salad), and a huge table dedicated to making your own salads.

I can't recommend this place enough! You can probably tell that by this massive post, full of photos of the restaurant, the lunch buffet, and plates of food, as well as the entire menu and a map to their location. So let's get started...

Vegetarian Khao Soy
Perfect Khao Soy at Khun Churn.
Evil battered sesame pumpkin strips!

Khun Churn Breakdown:

Prices: The buffet is fantastic value at ฿179 per person, which includes salad dishes, savoury dishes, soups, desserts, and an assortment of ice teas or juices.

The rest of their dishes are reasonably priced (from ฿50 - ฿100 or so).

I managed to photograph the entire menu, so you can see for yourself exactly what everything costs.
Location: Khun Churn has yet another new location!

Nimmanheiman Road Soi 17

The Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre, on Wualai Road

Kad Farang Shopping Plaza, Hang Dong Road. (Check out the map below for more details. The pin is quite far away from the others, on the south side of the Old City.)
Times: Open from 8 am – 10 pm.
The daily buffet is from 11 am – 2:30 pm.
What makes Khun Churn special? (I had to make a list):
- The variety. There are few buffets that offer so many delicious and creative dishes that appeal to all sorts of palates.
- The food is absolutely delicious – vibrant, fresh, comforting. I regularly crave a number of things from Khun Churn that I haven't found anywhere else.
- The service is always welcoming and attentive. It's a place we always leave big tips, even though tipping is not a common part of the culture in Thailand.
- The prices. This is probably why we feel inclined to leave big tips – the food is just too cheap for what you get!
- Finally... Khun Churn is special to me, just for being such an excellent vegetarian place. It's where I'll bring any visitor from back home, whether they are vegetarian or not, and it's a place plenty of omnivorous friends of mine have enjoyed and recommend to others. That to me is always uplifting, and it does a great job of promoting a meatless way of life. The owner is doing something fantastic, and I applaud him for it!

Shots of the (old) restaurant:

Sorry, best I could do given I don't live in Chiang Mai anymore!

The Regular Buffet Foodies:

The salad bar with the usual culprits: carrot, onion, assorted lettuce leaves, peppers, cucumber, boiled eggs and more.
Some assorted cooked and raw plain vegetables for anyone who needs more veggie goodness!
The star of the show: Khao Soy.
The Khao Soy table on another day.
Thai desserts - delicious.
The assorted iced teas and drinks which are included in the buffet

The Varying Buffet Foodies:

One of my favourites in Thailand! Ugh!
Similar to Pad See Ewe (stir-fried fat noodles with egg) but with lots of mushrooms.
"Northern Style" usually just means it's going to be interesting.
There is always a yummy variant of rice to go with the rest of your foodies.
Bamboo shoot dishes - I can go either way on those...
Vegetable Panang curry - yes!
A different Panang curry on another day. They were both delicious!
Crispy wonton stuffed with sweet potato.
Deep-fried eggplant. Things are getting dangerous now.
Deep-fried sesame carrot sticks.
On a different day: deep-fried sesame pumpkin, flanked by sweet plum sauce and tangy sour sauce.
Sukiyaki -  a vegetarian take on the famous Japanese hot-pot dish.
Crispy fried tofu corners with a herb sauce.
Deep-fried wild beetle leaf - whatever that is, it's amazing.
Yakisoba - another vegetarian version of the dish known as "Japanese Chow Mein".

Some of our Plates on Different Days:

Glorious salad! And strawberry juice (which was part of the buffet that day).

A plate full of nom.
A Khao Soy close-up.
My meal: some battered sesame carrot strips, my favourite ginger green beans, and Khao Soy to die for!
Another plate: wild beetle leaf and sesame pumpkin strips, those green beans again, and red curry with rice.
My meal on another day: Panang curry, fried rice, stir-fried oyster mushrooms, crispy wontons, and papaya salad.
A typical Thai dessert: a bowl of sweet milk kept cold with ice cubes, and bits of pumpkin and blocks of jelly.
A big, fresh mango shake. This is not part of the buffet - we just love it!

Finally! Menu Pics:

(Click to zoom)

Breakfasts and soups.
More appetizers.
Salad - some of the tastiest in the city!
Oriental soups.
Thai spicy salads - always interesting!
More Thai spicy salads.
Main dishes.
More main dishes.
Agh! Too much choice!
Curries and clear soups.
More curries and clear soups.
Snacky things.
More snacky things. A few of these quickly becomes a feast though!

Never-ending post. I told you!
A bunch of traditional Thai chilli pastes and sauces done vegetarian.
Local Chiang Mai dishes.
Delicious Thai desserts, ice cream, and ice teas.
And finally, drinks. That wasn't the whole menu by the way...


  1. This is a great post: at first I thought one would just dive into the buffet but when you see the rest of the dishes and then you take a closer look at the menu; well, I think you need to be a regular. There is so much choice I would have to eat there every day!

  2. If you came here, you would be eating here non-stop. There is too much choice, with the buffet and the menu! I love it =)

  3. my mouth is armpits are sweating... my life is now incomplete. BRING ME TO THIS PLACE! You've done it again! Another comprehensive post, taking all corners into considerations and bringing a restaurant to life. I want!

  4. Haha. Thanks for your enthusiastic comment! I'll gladly keep posting just to keep you that excited! Thanks again =)

  5. I need to get back on my blogging about the ROK. Wish I had kept on top of it like you. Keep it up and you'll end up as the Thai version of eatyourkimchi :D

  6. Thanks Justin! eatyourkimchi is cool =)

  7. Khun Churn - mmm! - yum! Love the colour and the ambience portrayed.

  8. I am also in Chiang Mai now and all I have is 2 words to describe this city: FOOD PARADISE!
    I am not vegetarian myself but I like my veggies abundant and often; and this is such a great place to eat yummy and healthy! :)

  9. 555 you were not kidding! it's pictures galore! i think kuhn churn's should close down their website and use your post instead :P

  10. You've convinced me! Their buffet has just shot to number one on my 'must eat' list!

  11. Hi! Everything I searched on this restaurant was out of date - even their own website! This page has been so useful, thanks very much! Just got to try it out and it's just as good as what you've said! Cheers!

    1. Dee, that's so common and frustrating in Thailand! I don't get it. But now I feel bad too because I' haven't had a chance to update the photos... soon I promise! Glad you enjoyed it, I love it there =)

  12. Thanks so much for this post, I kept telling everyone about this great vegge place and I had no idea where it had moved to. I eventually found it through this so thanks alot!

  13. I just returned to Chiang Mai. Two years ago was my last time here and my hosts took me to the lunchtime buffet at this amazing restaurant but I did not remember the name. I was searching the Internet today trying to find it and - EUREKA! - your pictures of the old garden setting clearly identified the restaurant to me. Thank you so much for this terrific post! Can't wait to go there again!

  14. Oh my gosh!! This post is soooo massive! Thank you, I love finding menus online because I HATE going places and not knowing if I'll like anything there. I mean Khun churn has amazing stuff. So thanks again!!!

  15. Visiting for 15 days from Hawaii. Tried this restaurant last week after reading good reviews. Was as good or better than expected. Will be hitting the buffet again tomorrow before heading out of town. Do not miss this place if you are in Chiang Mai. Much better than Anchan in my opinion. Aloha

  16. God. Photos like this kill me after leaving chiang mai. I miss the khun churn buffet so much :(

  17. I remember this fabulous restaurant being in Soi 17 of Nimmanamenheim Road. What is the new address, please? The map you're showing is only in Thai...?

    1. Hi Liesbeth, the new location is on Thipanet Road next to the Cultural Centre. The co-ordinates are: 18.77224, 98.97975. If you type those into Google Maps you should see it. And my map will appear in whatever language Google is using on your computer! :)

  18. Adrian...great post!!! My fav restaraunt in C.M. went to Cultural Center and found they have moved about 5 km south toward Hang Dong in Kad Farang...a small mall on the C.M. - Hang Dong Rd.
    Have not gone to new location ...just got in a few days ago...but will verify info soon...the info below is from Happy Cow website

    Re-open here Dec 2015 after move from 185/3 Wualai Rd Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre. Offer breakfast and lunch buffet with beverages included (coffee, black organic tea, lemonade). At dinner a menu. Price: Expensive
    Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Thai, Buffet, Salad bar, Take-out
    Kad Farang Shopping Plaza, Hang Dong Rd
    Chiang Mai, Thailand 50200

  19. Adrian,
    คุณเชิญ Khunchurn Thai Vegetarian Cuisine
    the above is the facebook link. They are not open but they say
    คุณเชิญ Khunchurn Thai Vegetarian Cuisine not yet we try as fast as we can and our new location is at
    Kadfarang Village
    225 Km.13 Moo 13 Chiangmai-Hod Rd., T.Baan Waen, A.Hang Dong, Chiangmai, 5023
    Will drive out again soon. They are doing home lunch delivery.Info on facebook.

  20. also Bangkok has a Kuhn Churn

  21. Can't believe this post, still search it when searching veggy food in CM. So good and food looks delicous well done!