Buying A Set of Wheels in Chiang Mai

A whole lotta scooters!

I'm going to break down some long-term transport options in the city of Chiang Mai. The favoured mode of transport for the masses are scooters of all shapes and sizes, while the common cars are either gas-guzzling mini-tanks or city-friendly smaller cars:

Thailand's favourite car models: Honda Jazz, Isuzu D-Max, Honda City, Toyota Fortuner.

However, cars are unaffordable for many foreigners who move to Chiang Mai, as well as being a rather inefficient way to get around the small city. The next option would usually be a two-wheeled vehicle of some kind:

Thailand's favourite scooter models: Yamaha Nouvo, Honda Dream, Honda Click, Yamaha Mio Fino.

Here are some good places to look for second-hand scooter sales:

Another option is to go straight to the huge Saturday and Sunday Bike Market, which is a little way out the centre of the city. My boyfriend bought his bike there and haggled a few thousand Baht off the original price. It's basically like a big Bike Pound, where all sorts of models in all sorts of conditions are waiting to be loved by just the right Falang. Check it out on the map below:

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My boyfriend on his Thai hoodrat bike. So gangster.
And here I am on my bike, which I'm very bad at gesturing to.


  1. Thank you for your advice on selling my secondhand things on Seconhand Chiang Mai. I sold all of my things in 1 day!

  2. Glad I could help! It really is a useful group =)

  3. Oh my gosh this helped me so much, I was asking everyone and the facebook groups were soooo bad! someone told me about this place but i didn't know where it was! thank you!!

    1. My pleasure! Glad I could help. I never had any luck with the Facebook groups either =/