Aum Vegetarian Restaurant

There is a little restaurant that might be easy to overlook if you are in the madness that is the old city. Right next to the overpowering Black Canyon Coffee, and opposite the Thapae Gate which leads into the square, is a hole in the wall which resembles a tiny log cabin from the outside. Yes, a log cabin. Parking outside the restaurant is not allowed, and you can easily walk by it countless times without taking a second glance, so the little place known as Aum Vegetarian Restaraunt often gets neglected in the majestic food landscape that is Chiang Mai.

Aum offers something which many Chiang Mai restaurant owners have yet to catch on to: a vegetarian visitor to Chiang Mai still wants to experience typical Thai food. The sad truth is a lot of them simply don't, usually because they have a bad experience, are misunderstood, are judged or humiliated, or just flat-out rejected. I cannot count the number of times I have had meat arrive in my food, and always marvel at the disregard for my requests. I wonder, if I were deathly allergic to meat, would I be taken more seriously? I'm guessing not.

So many restaurants and road-side eateries have the means to make their meals vegetarian-friendly, but for some reason this concept seems to be an embarrassingly incomprehensible one in Thailand. Aum has managed to transcend all this anti-veggo-nonsense, and simply serves Thai food, sans meat. At Aum, you can order any Thai dish you would find on the street or in a restaurant, and they will happily bring it to you, full of fresh vegetables and bulked up with delicious local mushrooms and potatoes. Their drinks are particularly tasty, which include shakes with delightful combinations of ginger and fruit, and interesting Lassi creations like Mint and Mango. The place is not overly fancy, and neither is the menu, but to me that just says it's not pretentious either. If you're looking for unusual food, then Aum isn't where it's at, but if you just want delicious Thai food done right, and meat-free, then it definitely is.

Aum Breakdown:

Prices: Food: Average prices are between ฿60 - ฿90 for a dish.

The vegetarian sushi is pricier, ranging from ฿120 - ฿165.

The most expensive dish on the menu is the California Maki for ฿195.

Drinks: Starting at ฿20 for fresh juices, and up to ฿70 for shakes with Spirulina.

The most expensive drink is the Avocado shake with Spirulina at ฿75.
Location: 65 Moon Muang Road, on the east side of the old city. A central location, opposite Thapae Gate, and next door to Black Canyon Coffee.
Times: Open from 11:00 am to 9:30 pm every day.
(Watch out - this place is a very popular lunchtime hangout, and as it's quite small, you might have to wait.)
What makes Aum special? It's a laidback place, conducive to lazing around and paging through old books, or strumming the guitar. The Lassi's are addictive, the food simple yet delicious, and it's always a good place to turn to when you want any Thai dish done vegetarian.

Khao Soy, which some claim is the best vegetarian one in Chiang Mai.
Some highly-addictive spring rolls with a fantastic peanut soy sauce.
The little rooftop garden which an orange dog inhabits.
The stairs leading the first floor.
The upstairs lounging area which has an old-fashioned feel to it.
A page of the menu which shows examples of all the food they make.
Two more pages of the menu, but there are still plenty more I couldn't capture. (Click for larger view)
The way Aum looks from the road.

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  1. Another spectacular post on a menu that makes me salivate: this one even better as I wish to sit in the rooftop garden with Mr Orange dog. This is a definite on my list to visit....

  2. I'll back her up, the Khao Soy here is great! Also, if you look at the menu...#10 with the "Chiang Mai Spicy Sauce" is reeeaaalll good. Another clever post, Adrian! Keep it up!

  3. Absolutely beautiful place, love the food. Go here so much and finally searched for it online, found your post and thought you really did it justice. Love AUM!

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