Laos Visa Run #2

A street in the heart of Vientiane.

A few months after my first exhausting and educational visa run to Laos, I was shivering on an overnight bus
once again, making my way back to the Land of Sand.

I had recently changed employers, and underestimated the Thai authorities' strict attitude to visas and work permits. Rather confusing really, just when you're used to everyone over here grinning and being friendly all the time. Make sure to read this guide if you want to understand more about visas and work permits, which are also known as "bits of gibberish on paper that give you a headache and send you to strange places while draining your pocket".

If you are making this trip yourself, or are simply curious about travelling to Vientiane, then read my very detailed post Laos Visa Run #1, and check out my photos from my second Laos visa run below:

A couple strolling alongside the Mekong River to the left, and the night market to the right.
Angry Bird skewers at the night-market, which you can find on my Vientiane Goodies map.
The guest house I stayed at in Udon Thani for a night.
The Brugel Coffee Shop next to the Embassy.
The best fruit shake in Vientiane, at The Brugel. Find it on my Vientiane Goodies map.
Some woven trash cans and graffiti.
A uniquely-designed building marred by the common electricity wires.
This guy.
Yes, there is a place in Vientiane called That Dam.
A very strange sign in a ladies' bathroom.


  1. Those angry-bird skewers are priceless ;-) Will read the first part of this post before applying for our visas to Laos

  2. This is very helpful. I would never have known about getting these visas. It is also great to see the city you have to go to. I like seeing the food pics too, gives you a feel for the place although I am not sure I would eat it all. I am very amused by the man seated at the bar because I don't know what he is wearing on his head! This is a great post.

  3. Good luck Savi. Thanks Vanessa - Vientiane is an interesting place!